Losing It – Julia Lawrinson

This book was pretty meh. It’s about four high school senior girls, Zoe, Abby, Mala and Bree, who challenge each other to lose their virginity before ‘schoolies week’. From what I can gather that’s like the Australian version of spring break, a huge party at the end of the school year, intended for high school leavers.  I got roped into reading it for ‘appropriateness’ by one of the teachers at my school, and even though the entire book is about young women trying to ‘lose it’ I don’t think it’s that inappropriate for older teens. I liked the format of the book though, It started out omnipresent, stating the intention and the rules of the challenge, then splits into four sections, one told by each girl, with a remaining bit at the end where they go over who won the challenge.  The book is pretty formulaic, and there were almost no twists, though it might give a younger reader a few eyebrow raises.  Abby probably had the best character development, the only one of the girls who is raised in a Christian family. Bree, the last entry , though quite different from the others was probably the most boring, despite all the build up from the other girls’ entries. I wouldn’t recommend this one as it wasn’t anything special.

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