Once (Once #1) – Morris Gleitzman

I enjoyed this first installment of the Once series and I’m just about to start the second book (Then).  For those unfamiliar with this series of quick reads it’s set in 1942 in German occupied Poland during WWII.  It’s the story of Felix, a maybe orphan on a journey to find his parents after 3 years and 8 months of waiting around in an orphanage for his parents to come and get him.  The innocence of Felix and his love of telling stories make this book enchanting despite its grim nature.  Looking at the Holocaust through the eyes of a young Jewish orphan boy is pretty eye opening especially as Felix is growing up on his journey to find his parents. This is a really good way to introduce a pretty horrific time period in recent past to a younger audience, Felix is charming and likable and forever innocent in this first tale.  Really looking forward to seeing what become of him in the second installment.