Frostblood – Elly Blake

Generally this was a pretty good story, set to be the first of a trilogy. I enjoyed the setting and the frost and fire wielding, Our main character Ruby is easy to understand and feel along with, but my only complaint is that the story was extremely predictable. It’s a good read if you’ve not heard this story over and over before, but as a seasoned reader I was really hoping for more. If I decide to pick up the next book, Fireblood, I’m really hoping that Elly Blake pushes her characters and her stories into that more realm. I’d like to see something new, and her writing style is very easy to go along with and you want to know more, it just wasn’t quite there with the story telling. I would recommend this for a tween reader, someone who is new to the fantasy/romance genre as the story might still be fresh and new.

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