Charming and Cosy

I found Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett delightful.  It was a book I was happy to read over and over to my three year old, as it was often requested, as it didn’t feel like a chore.  We follow Annabelle, a young girl who lives in a very black and white town.  She finds a box filled with colourful yarn and proceeds to knit sweaters for anything and everyone she can with it. I love that she shares this wonderful magical box of yarn and her talent for knitting with her town.  Jon Klassen’s use of colour is also wonderful, it starts out small, just a sweater for her and her dog Mars, but eventually everything in her town has a sweater, buildings, cars, trees- you name it, it has a cosy made for it!  The whimsy of this book is what makes it a real winner in my eyes.  I also enjoyed the sense of ‘what will be, will be’ and that you can be happy just being yourself despite others trying to bring you down.  It may seem like a heavy message for small children, but I feel it is uplifting and a wonderful thing for kids to hear.

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