The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman

I must admit, I tried to read this book about three times.  It was lent to me by a good friend and took me ages to return as I just wasn’t read to read it at the time.  I really am glad now I gave it a proper go.  I quite like Neil Gaiman and have read some of his adult works and some of his poetry, but this is my first foray into his young adult works. I especially enjoyed the language in this book, somewhat difficult and old fashioned, but absolutely rich and expressive.

In this story we follow Bod (full name Nobody Owens), from baby to young adult as he grows up in a graveyard, attended to by the ghostly inhabitants and his guardian Silas, who is a different creature unto himself. As we watch Bod grow he eventually begins to wonder about what happened to his real parents, killed by a man named Jack for an unknown reason.  But just as Bod is beginning to wonder about his family we find that the killed Jack is still looking for Bod, meaning he cannot leave the safety the graveyard has granted him.

Despite having an unorthodox childhood, he still hits those same milestones of other children and is an exciting read as he goes through all those mistakes and mischief of growing up. Would recommend this one for an older reader(14+) as the language can be a bit complex, but the story should resonate with any teen.


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