Sanspell (Bloodtree Chronicles #1)– Elizabeth Pulford

This book started off well, it had a great concept, it just didn’t execute it well.  The story is meant for middle grade (ages 8-12ish) and starts out in the modern world suddenly we’re thrown head first into a world of magic and stories.  Being thrown head first is one of my favourite ways to get into a story.  Our lead Abigail is just a mostly normal girl who likes stories, her parents, as most are horrible at telling her important things that will change her life. This is where it begins to get confusing.  That is my biggest hang up with this book, the plot line was confusing.  I pushed on hoping it would become clear, but it all seemed to sort of just never got cleared up. So Abigail is sent to another world by her mother and meets her unknown aunts. She’s then sort of told that she’s a story teller or some sort, but gets put in a story..?? Like I said, it’s confusing, they tell her she’s supposed to spin the story, then she gets put in someone else’s story and it really didn’t make sense, but what she got up to in this story world was pretty interesting. I don’t think I’ll continue with this series, there wasn’t enough world building around Abigail, more like she was just thrown into another world and she didn’t understand it, so no one would. I don’t think I would recommend this one unless the child is an avid reader, the lack of a clear plot line was hard for me as an adult, I can only imagine what a turn off it would be for a kid who doesn’t enjoy reading.


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