Sunshine – Robin McKinley

To be honest, I picked this one up because it had a good reference from Neil Gaiman on the cover. The general story is one about vampires, a different take on the dystopian paranormal romance genre. I really enjoyed this story, but boy was it long. We follow a young woman nick named Sunshine, she’s a baker in her family run diner, and that’s probably one of my favourite things about her, even though everything goes to hell she still thinks about her family and her job because she genuinely loves them. But in hind sight she really does spin a lot of extra tangents that probably could have been cut down. The action is great, and everything is described incredibly well, it was so easy to picture everything Sunshine is talking about, even the weird magical things. There is a relationship built up between Sunshine and her vampire Con, that just never seems to go anywhere though, it is an odd relationship, but a good one and I’m sad to say there isn’t another book after this one, I would have liked to see where they ended up. I really enjoyed that vampires are not romanticised in any way, they are terrifying hunters and so should they be. There are a few different kinds of magical creatures in Sunshine’s world and I enjoyed the variety, though we only really focus on vampires, which is sad as this world has a lot of options for other stories.  This book has a lot of adult themes (sex, trauma, rape, PTSD, violence) and would be recommended for the new adult crowd.  And even though it was long, the story is believable, or as believable as a magical world can be, with its colourful cast of characters and a great world I would recommend reading it, even if it is a little long.


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